Efficiency increase in qualification process at AUDI quality assurance

The Challenge

Analysis of the status quo & identification of the use case

In quality assurance, Audi relies on new technologies to meet requirements with a future-oriented approach. Many aspects have to be considered in quality assurance. Specifications such as dimensional information, the nature of components or distances always needs to be available and should be able to be checked in the shortest time possible .

Identification of optimization potential & development of action plan

Only a few minutes are available for quality control of a car, but the process is of the utmost importance for the safety of a vehicle.
In order to keep all this data in mind for different vehicle types, a solution is required that provides all relevant information quickly and easily, replacing cumbersome and confusing paper documentation.

The Solution

Development of prototype

Augmented Reality offers a solution here that counteracts the problems mentioned and increases the efficiency of processes in quality assurance. With the help of holograms that can be seen on the HoloLens, important information on test steps and processes can be displayed in the user’s field of vision. In the VISCOPIC Pins software, the components to be tested at Audi are marked and the appropriate test dimensions are displayed, so that testing can be carried out carefully and accurately and no test steps are left out. Through the application, the test processes and systematics can be standardized in all plants and are easier to understand and control. Thanks to the training of test procedures in the augmented world, new approaches can also be used quickly and productively with this approach.

Implementation of scalable software solution

With the help of VISCOPIC Pins, workflows for testing a vehicle can be simplified by displaying information such as component markings, dimensional information or documentation videos as holograms. In the Audi Quality Assurance training centers, augmented reality is used to efficiently train new employees. With AR, work steps are carried out more accurately and less is overlooked. The use of AR also creates an exciting experience for employees who can experience first hand how Audi is supported by digitalization in production.

Used Technologies: Augmented Reality


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Customer Statement

“Our goal is to simplify complexity through digital tools. Mixed reality makes it easier to learn complex work processes and shows how digitization can support us.”

Peter Mück, Senior Quality Assurance Manager

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