VISCOPIC Pins – from the first idea to the final product

VISCOPIC Pins – from the first idea to the final product

The question often arises where the idea for the development of the VISCOPIC software tools came from. The programs, of which the origin lies in Augmented Reality creation, have come a long way and have gone through many improvement- , optimization- , extension-  and adaptation processes, in order to now be used for every possible application. The PINS application, which was used as a creation tool for AR workflows after its initial development, is now, with the available extensions, suitable for innovative process digitization and optimization in a wide range of fields.

From individual projects to a complete solution

In the beginning, the company focused on individual use cases only. In projects, an idea was first defined, the application area evaluated and then a prototype was developed, which was implemented as a scalable AR solution. 

In the problems and wishes of the customers VISCOPIC recognized recurring patterns, which were the impulse for the development of the software tools of the company. First and foremost, the user-friendliness of the platform was of particular importance. Even beginners without programming knowledge should be able to generate content and make workflows more efficient  – thus the technology of Augmented Reality was made accessible for everyone.

These considerations initially resulted in VISCOPIC Pins, an application that supports both rapid prototyping of an AR app and the creation of scalable content. With the help of the application, users can create Augmented Reality content for different devices. The generated work and instruction steps can be projected onto real objects. Thus, work processes in various areas can be simplified by enriching infrastructures with information. The Windows application initially generates a virtual 3D image of an environment or product based on CAD data, for example. Then so-called Pins can be attached to virtual objects. These represent different work steps and checklists and can be supplemented with information such as images, videos or 3D animations. The saved process steps can be viewed through mobile devices or AR glasses, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, and projected onto the real environment. 

PINS supports work in areas such as quality assurance, assembly, production, maintenance or training and makes it more efficient. With the use of the software, however, the customers and project partners of VISCOPIC discovered further wishes and needs, which were met with the extension of the application.

Object recognition and verification of work steps 

The VISCOPIC computer vision technology provides a possibility to check executed work steps in real time and thus track the progress of processes and ensure quality. The technology makes component recognition possible, which can be used to compare scanned images of real objects with 3D CAD originals. The information resulting from CAD processing regarding the success of the execution of work steps is passed on to the AR software PINS, which guides the operator and thus reduces the error rate via worker assistance. For example, this innovative approach could be applied in a joint project with the Porsche Pilot Center. Here, metal components that are hardly distinguishable by the human eye can be detected by object recognition so that the correct assembly sequence of the components can be displayed as AR instructions. The generic solution serves as a universal tool that can be applied to many other types of components at Porsche.

Connection of the software with other technologies

VISCOPIC Pins will continue to be combined with new technologies in order to serve as basis software which can be extended for individual solutions. For example, the application is used by the heating system manufacturer VIESSMANN to support the maintenance of internal production machines, By overlaying digital information on the real machine, employees can be guided quickly and efficiently through the work process. This leads to an increase in the productivity of the processes, the reduction of errors, the shortening of the training process and finally the increase in quality. In this project the software solution PINS is adapted and optimized for the individual use case.

The software product PINS has been continuously developed with the needs and wishes of customers and project partners of VISCOPIC, which qualifies the solution for a variety of scenarios as a tool for innovative process digitization. Do you also have an idea for the use of the software and the development of an extension for your company? Contact us at and lead your company into digitization together with VISCOPIC.

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