Viscopic Mixed Reality

Viscopic Mixed Reality

I can see something real that’s not really there!

What’s the difference between Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality?

Everything used to be easier? Not quite! It may have been easier in the past to distinguish between reality and virtuality. But it is precisely where reality and fiction become blurred that promising solutions emerge. We are talking about Mixed Reality!

Before the age of technology, people needed hallucinogenic substances or hypnosis to escape reality. Then, the computer was invented. Since then, the illusory world and reality have become increasingly blurred. A new dimension opens up for humans and the transition between reality and fiction becomes more and more diffuse. The technical possibilities are developing faster than we can define suitable terms for them. But it is worth it, because the different approaches open up different possibilities.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an illusory world. By putting on a pair of VR glasses, for example, a person enters a world in which he or she only sees digital things or things generated by a computer. The real world is completely faded out. In this virtual world, the person can ride a roller coaster, cross a rope stretched over a gorge, or jump out of an airplane with a parachute – and sit comfortably in an office chair with his glasses on his nose without risk.

The best of both worlds: Mixed Reality

Between reality and virtual reality there are countless gradations in which both worlds overlap and are to varying degrees more real or more virtual. Experts use the term Mixed Reality (MR). The person remains in the real world, which is enriched with additional virtual information. One example is the HoloLens which is also used by VISCOPIC. These glasses interact with the user’s real environment and extend it with interactive 3D projections.

With the help of mixed reality applications such as those developed by VISCOPIC, complex aspects, invisible features or unfinished products and prototypes can be displayed and explained as holograms in miniature, real size or oversized. By making real-time changes to the holograms, customer requests can be visualized directly. Mixed Reality thus combines the best of both worlds. It not only fascinates, but also inspires and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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