VISCOPIC Mixed Reality Trainings in the industrial area

VISCOPIC Mixed Reality Trainings in the industrial area

In case you want to know how a industrial plant is working, you can read a book, have a look at the construction plans or watch digital animations. If you want to learn how to maintain and repair this machine, you have to know the individual parts, how to replace and change components and know possible defects. This takes time and costs money.

Imagine, you have ten trainees who want to learn how to maintain this machine, you will need even more time and more money. You need to provide the correspondent machines which may not be in operation while your trainees are practicing on them. You have to plan, when to use the machines for training and which trainee learns on which machine at what time. Additionally you need sufficient skilled trainers to perform the instruction.

The machines stay running: interactive learning with a virtual device

Apprenticeship in the industry is by that often connected to high costs and takes a lot of time. Specific course units can often just be hold at training plants which are intended just for training. This fact limits the training flexibility and increases the costs and planning intensity.

The solution for this is provided by the technical progress: Mixed Reality applications run independent from running production facilities, technical resources or learning material. This eases not just the understanding. The varied, interactive and immersive learning is cost-effective, predictable and efficient. In a short time, a lot of trainees can be provided the necessary information. A great advantage is that the apprentices earn practical experiences at the machines and plants without fearing the consequences of mistakes. They obtain sovereignty and handling security before working on the real machines.

Independent and flexible: Mixed Reality trainings with the HoloLens

By Mixed Reality trainings as Viscopic offers, real plants, machines or components are projected as holograms into any room. Through the simulation of work flows, maintenance work or malfunctions, a realistic and practical learning is always possible. Costs are decreasing and planning security is increasing, the training content is applicable independent from time or location.

Research at Stanford University found that gained experience in virtual worlds results in the same learning outcome as trainings in the real world. The interest of the trainee is focused on the learning content through the immersive interaction in the virtual application. Learning with HoloLens proves to be effective and efficient.

Start developing your cost-efficient and safe learning tool with Viscopic and take advantage of the technical opportunities of a mixed reality training. Individual applications for your specific area are in the virtual world not a challenge.

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