Stepping into the virtual age – with a head start

Stepping into the virtual age – with a head start

Augmented Reality Apps will be the standard in technology

In three years you will no longer read articles like this on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Perhaps you will simply project it onto the table or the ceiling in front of you while you are lying comfortably on the couch at home. And if you feel like it, coconut trees will grow in your living room, the sea will flow under the sofa and you will only have to make the cocktail yourself.

The reason for this is a technology that is changing our reality. Experts agree that after computers, the Internet and mobile telephones, Mixed and Augmented Reality apps are conquering the world. The first applications are already on the market, and the mixing of reality and virtuality offers almost inexhaustible possibilities. These Apps will revolutionize our lives and shape our future. Not only with palm trees in your own living room.

NBA-Stars in your living room? – Possible with the HoloLens

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Coca-Cola and the US basketball league NBA – all of them already rely on Augmented Reality Apps because they have recognized the potential of the technology. The fusion of two worlds makes it possible to be in places where one is not, to see things that are not there at all, to make objects and connections experienceable that are difficult to access, or to retrieve relevant information with pinpoint accuracy.

For Microsoft’s premium product, the HoloLens, there are already numerous apps available. With Skype for HoloLens, your conversation partners can be placed as holograms in your room. With HoloBeam Tech, a real person is beamed as a hologram to another location, so a virtual alter-ego can be present anytime, anywhere. The HoloStudy Demo provides learning opportunities from the field of natural sciences and illustrates complex content by creating 3D projections in space and explaining them by virtual professors. Some things may still be gimmicks, but the direction is clear: Augmented Reality Apps are the future, because they promise a land of unlimited application areas.  

Benefit from the added value: Augmented Reality Apps in the industrial sector

At VISCOPIC, we also work with the HoloLens to implement Augmented Reality apps in the industrial sector. With the new technology, machines, components or malfunctions can be projected as holograms into any room. This allows products to be visualized and optimized before they are created, training courses to be held at any location without the need for additional resources, and malfunctions to be diagnosed and rectified over long distances.

Don’t miss out to rely on the right technology. Take the decisive step into a future where the possibilities are limited only by our own imagination and ask VISCOPIC for an individual Augmented Reality solution.

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