Press Release – VISCOPIC presents product innovations at the Hannover Messe 2020

Press Release – VISCOPIC presents product innovations at the Hannover Messe 2020

Munich, 07..02.2020. From April 20 – 24 2020 the start-up VISCOPIC will again be represented as an exhibitor at the Hannover Messe. The young company for innovative process digitization will present its products Pins and Polygons as well as its latest projects  at booth F16/1 in hall 16. 

This year’s world’s leading trade fair for industry is dedicated to the three trends digitization, individualization and climate protection, which are important factors for industrial change. According to the key theme “Industrial Transformation”, the event brings together numerous experts and trade visitors from various sectors such as plant engineering, the process industry, product development, energy supply and the automotive industry in order to promote exchange, inspire, encourage cooperations and gain experience.

The industrial transformation is characterized by its enormous speed and its disruptive character. The effect is a change in communication, development, production and logistics. Above all, digitization and the interconnection of humans and machines represent major factors influencing the industry and are important topics of the event – thus VISCOPIC, as an expert for solutions in innovative process digitization and Augmented Reality applications in the industrial sector, is an important part of the fair. AR solutions can bring immense benefits to the industry, which has a huge potential for immersive technologies.

VISCOPIC’s software products will be presented by the startup at its booth. The applications PINS and POLYGONS change the work in different areas in times of digitalization significantly. VISCOPIC Pins enables anyone, even without programming knowledge, to create Augmented Reality content that can be used as documentation and instructions for any purpose on end devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens or a tablet. The VISCOPIC Polygons software enables automatic mesh reduction and thus real-time streaming of 3D models to the Microsoft HoloLens. 

Furthermore, VISCOPIC presents various projects as well as new technologies in the field of innovative process digitization. It is demonstrated how processes can be analyzed, supported and made more efficient, and how time savings, error reductions and increased training efficiency can be achieved through immersive assistance systems.

The application fields of the solutions offered by VISCOPIC are diverse and range from Augmented Reality work instructions for the installation, repair and maintenance of machines to industrial training on virtual images of systems up to process optimization using a broad variety of digital state-of-the art technologies.

For VISCOPIC, participation in the world’s leading trade fair offers the opportunity to promote networking with interested visitors from various sectors of the industry and to arouse their interest. During the visitor proximity at the Hannover Messe new contacts can be made and interesting use cases can be discussed. 

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