Cost reduction through holographic robot training at Volkswagen

“With VISCOPIC we have designed and implemented a holographic robot training as part of a corporate startup cocreation. This is the result of a successful and very cooperative collaboration in which both sides can optimally bring their strengths into the project and thus create innovative training processes.” Matthias Wildgrube, Founder of Volkswagen Education Lab Lab

Cost reduction through holographic robot training at Volkswagen


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The Challenge

Analysis of the status quo & identification of the use case

The goal of the Volkswagen education lab was to experiment with new technologies in order to educate their workers the right way and to properly prepare them for their future jobs. This way, the idea for a holographic robot training was born.

Identification of optimization potential & development of action plan

VW invests in huge technology cells with one robot inside to train their employees on real robots. This is very cost-and time-intensive. Therefore, the goal was to support this training and partly replace the real robot with a virtual twin to make training more efficient.

The Solution

Development of prototype

To simulate the training scenario with a hologram of the robot, the 3D representation is visualised with the Microsoft HoloLens. This virtual twin is connected with the normal input device used for real robots through the Hololens. The holographic robot-representation helps to reduce travel and facility costs, makes the training progress recordable and trackable and offers a safe environment that allows failure without real-world consequences.

Implementation of scalable software solution

The solution helps the carmaker considerably to increase security of action and production. Since the physical machines will be replaced by holograms, the company will also be able to conduct training courses efficiently and at any time and at any place in the future without incurring additional costs.

Technology applied

Augmented Reality

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