Innovative process digitization

Innovative process digitization

Digital transformation is a keyword for many companies. It is used to revise analogue processes and transform them into digital processes. However, existing processes have to be checked and updated again and again for customer requirements. If this is done skillfully and successfully, it can lead to a strengthening of the competitive position, decreasing cost pressure, higher customer satisfaction and shorter production times. 


Potentials of process digitization 


Process digitization brings many possibilities and advantages. The optimized processes allow technologies such as mixed reality, 3D visualization and CAD processing to be used to reduce time and increase productivity. The use of technologies can help to optimize processes and eliminate inefficiencies in many areas of a company. 


Furthermore, process digitization helps to enhance the brand image. Early digitization conveys an innovative image to customers. Customer needs do not stay the same and change from hour to hour. It is therefore important for companies to keep up and to be able to adapt to the changes. In the future, the “digital natives” will represent a large part of the customer group. Customers who have grown up with technology will demand digital products. Therefore, it is important to digitize their processes and to satisfy the requirements of the customers. 


Everyone talks about digitalization! We make it!


Our mission is to make tomorrow’s world easier, faster and less complicated by supporting industrial companies in their digital transformation. VISCOPIC therefore offers a wide range of immersive assistance systems to optimize processes. With the right ideas, we ensure that our customers achieve their goals and help them find solutions that are cost-effective and long-term. In doing so, the training efficiency and action reliability of the employees is increased and error reduction is enhanced. As a digitization partner, we accompany our customers through the entire process, from the identification of the use case to the implementation of a software solution. Our applications include amongst others augmented reality, CAD processing, virtual reality, IoT, 3D visualization, mobile/webapp development and 2D/3D computer vision. 


Our approach


In 4 steps we help your company to efficiently design its processes.


Phase 1: We analyze your company to define ideas for optimizing your processes. This is practiced in a 1-2 day workshop on site. During this workshop we conduct behavioural observations and expert interviews. 


Phase 2: Next, we jointly define the areas where there is potential for optimization and consider necessary measures. For this we collect the necessary data for a prototype and create a storyboard. 


Phase 3: Once all the necessary data has been collected, a prototype is developed in regular consultation with you. This way you will receive a software that can be installed, including documentation. After implementation, user tests are carried out using various methods to obtain information about the added value of the solution. 


Phase 4: As a direct implementation partner, we assist you in the integration of a scalable software solution. Thanks to our innovations in the area of process digitization, this is the beginning of your long-term success.


You too can digitize your processes, identify potential and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. Write an email with your use case

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