Digital work during the pandemic

Digital work during the pandemic

The corona pandemic has changed the working world. Companies are forced to send employees into home office and communicate via virtual platforms. The pandemic is driving digitalization in all areas, because without it, business operations are not possible. Many managers face the challenge of effectively leading and accompanying virtual teams without any experience. For successful teamwork, the conditions must be right. This applies to systems, processes, but also to employees. Also we from VISCOPIC had to follow the regulations, but we have an advantage. Numerous internal and external processes had already been digitized before Corona, this simplified the transition. 


Communication is Key


VISCOPIC employees have been in the home office since mid-March. Long ways to work are no longer necessary, but the office atmosphere and the constructive working atmosphere is missing. But VISCOPIC employees are not demotivated by this. During the pandemic VISCOPIC tries to keep the same service standard and to be available for partners and customers. Employees are given goals and tasks which are to be completed during a 2-week period (so-called sprint). Thus motivation in the team is provided and tasks are varied. At the end of these two weeks the progress is shared with the whole team and new tasks are defined. In addition to this, a 15 minute online meeting is held every day to inform other employees about   others activities. In this way, each employee learns about the topics other employees are working on and how other projects are developing. This has been part of the work culture at VISCOPIC for many years. Team events outside of the working hours may not be missing of course. Therefore voluntary events are planned to promote teamwork.


Cooperation with partner companies also takes place digital 


External communication with partner companies takes place in a similar way. For this purpose virtual groups are created with VISCOPIC employees and partner employees of the project. These have different channels depending on the subarea of the project. If an adaptation is carried out, all participants are informed and equipped with the new version. Every 2 weeks a feedback call is arranged to discuss new changes and already accomplished implementations. These are sometimes supported with additional video material, because often a visual explanation is easier to understand. Depending on the question, this will also be seconded by screenshare, often verbal explanations are not sufficient to ensure that all parties involved have understood it correctly. Developers and partners are in constant communication with each other, which often leads to short-term meetings and exchange of opinions. This is especially important in VISCOPIC’s projects, because the product is worked on regularly and everyone has to be at the same level. Despite the pandemic the keyboards do not stand still. We are working on exciting projects about which we hope to be able to communicate publicly soon. Slowly the daily business is starting again and hopefully soon all VISCOPIC employees will be allowed to go back to the comfortable office. 



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