Augmented Reality exhibitions and fairs with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality exhibitions and fairs with Augmented Reality

This is where the future meets

They are called Augmented World Expo (AWE), Digility, VR Expo or HANNOVER MESSE and can already be found in many German cities: Fairs that take up the strong interest in future technology and make Augmented Reality (AR) the main topic. In doing so, they are doing justice to a current development, because the demand for AR solutions is constantly increasing. The number of companies offering AR-related products is also rising. At the same time, the technology is constantly evolving. Innovative hardware expands the application possibilities, more powerful components improve the display quality and creative minds open up new areas of application. So it is not surprising that trade fairs are crowd-pullers. A visit proves to be exciting, informative and inspiring – and it extends many realities.

AR at the AWE: the tool for a better future

The AWE is the biggest event for Augmented and Virtual Reality in Munich. Developers, designers, managing directors, creative agencies, engineers, journalists and investors meet at the fair to discuss what the technology can already do today and how it will change our everyday lives in the future. If you ask Ori Inbar, one of the organisers of the event, Virtual Reality (VR) and AR promise a positive development. “AR and VR give us the tools to create a better future,” said the Israeli in his keynote speech at AWE 2018. He argues that AR and VR democratize education, ensure economic growth, solve the labour market problem, revolutionize medicine, save the environment and make people more empathetic. In fact, new technologies often go hand in hand with such hopes, but all too often they prove deceptive. Nevertheless, a visit to the fair shows that AR and VR offer very promising approaches. The technologies have the potential to make everyday life and work easier – perhaps they also make certain tasks more exciting and thus more entertaining.

Pokémon Go was the first app that caused a sensation by adding digital content to the actual environment. The concept is as simple as it is good: The smartphone determines the real location and displays it on a map, on which small cartoon monsters pop up. These can be hunted, for which the player has to move with his smartphone in the real world.

What may have pure entertainment value in the case of Pokémon Go can be sensibly transferred to the world of work. At AWE, for example, companies show how laymen can repair complicated engines thanks to AR. This is achieved by projecting every hand movement into their field of vision using high-tech glasses.

Applications such as these show that AR offers a wide range of possible applications with considerable added value. While VR has experienced a certain disillusionment since the necessary glasses are not selling as well as expected, AR is expected to experience a real boom. The chances are good: Apple has just created a developer environment for AR with the ARKit. The industry has already recognized the advantages – for example, that workers can display visual information in the right place while they have their hands free to carry out tasks. Other industries are expected to follow suit and also want to take advantage of the technology’s potential. At any rate, the atmosphere of optimism in the AR industry is clearly noticeable at AWE. VISCOPIC was able to convince itself of this last year. This year we will therefore be present with two stands at the same time.

AR at the DIGILITY: the world of work becomes digital  

The DIGILITY 2018 in Cologne sees itself as a B2B conference and an expo for modern, digital technologies and services. This includes Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, 3D and Artificial Intelligence. The organisers are convinced that in the near future hardly any professional field of activity will be able to do without applications from these areas. AR and VR are already more and more part of everyday work. At the trade fair it becomes clear that young companies and research institutions with their innovative AR ideas can convince established companies, large corporations and educational institutions of their ideas. The technology functions as a link between today and tomorrow by presenting new solutions for optimising business processes, in manufacturing, engineering or in the entertainment sector. Of course VISCOPIC will be back again this year.

AR at the HANNOVER MESSE: the digital factory

The main topic of the HANNOVER MESSE is the digital transformation of the industry. This is based on the conviction that modern technologies enable a meaningful interplay of various topics such as automation processes, energy technology, logistics and IT. At the same time, the desire for intelligent solutions is driving digitization forward.

The HANNOVER MESSE is divided into six  trade fairs for innovative technologies along the value chain. One of them is the Digital Factory. It is all about IT and software solutions at the interface of development, production and delivery – including AR. No matter whether it’s product development, production planning, production control or services – AR offers efficient and resource-saving applications. A visit to the Digital Factory demonstrates this with overwhelming clarity.

AR at the automatica: This is how you optimize production

The automatica is another technology fair located in Munich. Its focus is on the optimization of industrial production processes through innovative solutions such as artificial intelligence, robotics and, of course, AR. The exhibitors show convincing implementations from the areas of industrial service, assembly systems, image processing systems or components, with a focus on relevance for the manufacturing industry.

With the Start-up Arena the automatica is creating its own business platform for young companies in cooperation with MWCB (Mobile World Capital Barcelona). Under the motto “Network, Inspire, Experience”, start-ups make contacts with business partners or investors and receive tips for the implementation of their projects.

AR on the big stage: in the ARENA 2036 at the VR Expo

At the VR Expo 2018 in Stuttgart, visitors can experience the latest VR and AR applications from the business and engineering sectors free of charge on two days in the premises of ARENA 2036. At TechTalks and lectures they can also get incentives for their own company or make new contacts at an evening get-together. The event is not only special because of its industrial character and its research focus – it is also distinguished by its location on the campus of the University of Stuttgart. Here,  a large number of institutions dealing with virtual and augmented reality are located like various institutes of the University, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Hochschule der Medien (HdM). They enable visitors of the fair to test large-scale VR installations and take a look at VR labs. At the “MediaNight”, the HdM will also show current student works and thus specifically address a young audience.

AR at other fairs: a guarantor for success

The exciting and immersive experiences that are possible with AR mean that the technology can also be found at trade fairs and conferences that have no technical focus. Especially companies that want to be innovative and trend-setting can draw attention to themselves in a positive way with AR and VR and stand out from the crowd. After all, anything that does not meet the standard and creates a lasting encounter makes the visitor curious and the trade fair stand more successful. AR could therefore be the technology that decisively shapes the trade fair image in the medium and long term. More and more companies are already focusing on virtually expanding their stand space. With a tablet and the corresponding pre-installed app, visitors can look inside machines or even into the human body. Posters, displays and roll-ups are transformed into interactive, exciting live demos or virtual tours that provide information and entertainment at the same time. With these versatile offers, it is often easier for companies to tell a story and inspire trade fair visitors with their own stand or product.

In any case, a stand with AR will become an attraction. We can report on this ourselves. At our booth visitors enjoyed delicious soft ice cream from our ice cream machine. At the same time, we took the opportunity to demonstrate how AR and our VISCOPIC Pins software can be used to project information and content directly to relevant parts of a machine – in this case to the ice cream machine. With the AR glasses on their heads, the visitors were shown the steps to be taken in order to operate the ice cream machine correctly. The visitors were playfully convinced of the value of our product and there was something sweet for them on top of that.

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