Augmented Reality and 3D solutions for industrial applications

Augmented Reality and 3D solutions for industrial applications

The successful Munich-based start-up VISCOPIC develops augmented and virtual reality solutions for training purposes, the marketing and sales sector, as well as individual projects. It is their ongoing mission to bring virtual content alive and they are currently right on track.


It all began in 2014 when Felix Meißgeier had the idea to establish augmented reality in the industrial sector. He teamed up with Marco Maier and Thomas Knauer-Arnold, and together they founded VISCOPIC in May 2016 as part of the EXIST founder bursary.

“One of our first big clients was Deutsche Bahn (German railway). We help them in digitising some of their training schemes through augmented reality,” says Maier.

“After Deutsche Bahn, we started working with various renowned companies such as BMW, Daimler, Audi, Siemens, Tetra Pak and Volkswagen.”

Today, VISCOPIC has grown into an established expert with 15 employees constantly developing innovative augmented reality software solutions. As an official partner of Microsoft Mixed Reality, the team at VISCOPIC has a significant track record of successes. They combine indepth technical expertise with economical knowledge and have a clear understanding of their customers’ individual needs.

“This approach allows us Top10 revolutionise the industry with innovative products,” adds Maier. “We support our clients from defining the initial idea and the evaluation of application areas, the development of the prototype and licensing, right up to implementing scalable mixed reality solutions,” he explains. “We favour simple, pragmatic solutions, which add significant long-term value and also help companies to digitise their processes.”

The software solutions can be applied in various fields from training to sales and VISCOPIC’s clients are able to create 3D / mixed reality content without any programming skills. “Our base client group are mostly industrial companies, mainly from the automobile and engineering sector,” explains Maier.

VISCOPIC is currently working with DB Netz AG, a subsidiary responsible for the German railway network, to virtually recreate part of the railway’s infrastructure with all its switches, crossings and signal boxes in order to make a virtual training process possible. This is important for Deutsche Bahn as half of the 8,000 technicians will retire within the next decade and this new training method improves security of action, quality assurance and the interconnection of theory and practice.

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