3D visualization in the modern factory

3D visualization in the modern factory

Visualization describes a graphic or visual illustration of abstract data such as numbers, texts, images, but also strategies, concepts and ideas. However, some processes are difficult to put into words. 3D visualization can be useful for this purpose. This is especially helpful for illustrating connections in visual media. In contrast to 2D planning, 3D visualization allows you to view the height, which leads to new possibilities and analyses. Thus, planning, evaluation and improvement of processes, structures and resources can be achieved more easily. 3D visualization can be used in many areas of a company. For example for advertising purposes, employee search, internal presentations or product development, it proves to be very profitable. But especially in factory planning 3D visualization shows many advantages.


In manufacturing plants, 3D visualization produces valuable results. Before the factory hall is built, shortages in intralogistics or production can be detected and complicated work processes can be optimized. Interrelationships and dependencies of processes with factory and machines are illustrated and thus planning errors are avoided. These are easier to recognize in a 3D model than in a 2D model. In addition, it is possible to illustrate the speed of machines and robots and thus better coordinate production planning. 

An online survey by Steffen Strassburger et al. on tools and trends in digital factory planning found that 70% of the 3D planning surveyed is used for collision analysis. 41% saw the added value in land use planning and 37% in the planning of multi-storey systems. 


Display of layouts in AR 

Through automatic optimization of 3D CAD models, it is possible to transfer true-to-scale representations of holograms to end devices. These can be representations of machines, plants, shelves and other elements and can now be tested for their suitability for practical use. The imported models are projected into the room in real size. This makes it possible to test and improve their design, composition and position. By storing the height data, it is possible to see where a collision with the object would take place. Thus, misplacements or risks of a placement can be shown and avoided in advance. In addition, 3D planning makes it easier for the different departments, e.g. ventilation engineers and plant manufacturers, to work together.  An overall model can be created directly instead of merging individual drawings and designs. Above all, the adherence to ergonomic limits in workplace design is made easier. 


The survey mentioned above also showed that two thirds of the respondents intend to use 3D visualizations for their planning in the future. These should not be too difficult to use. 44% can imagine working with photo realistic visualizations. The same survey also found that 35% of the respondents already work with 3D visualizations and 35% would also like to do so, but the effort is often too high. VISCOPIC Polygons counteracts this problem, because no programming skills are required to use the software. 


POLYGONS as a solution 

VISCOPIC Polygons can efficiently plan production and logistics layouts and visualize them in 3D. Holograms and virtual 3D objects can be used to test connections, alignments and safety distances for efficient planning without having to place the real machines. This saves a lot of time and money. Thanks to the applications on tablets or other end devices like the Hololens 2, changing the objects is made easier. With simple hand movements the 3D holograms can be moved and positioned in space. This simplifies planning and minimizes errors, costs and time. Finally, the layout changes made in 3D and augmented reality can be transferred to a standard planning tool. 


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