3D Durchblick at DB Netz AG

“DB Netz AG is very pleased to be working with such an innovative company as VISCOPIC. Without the startup, we would not have been able to expand our training processes so quickly and to establish a connection between theory and practice in such an innovative way.” Michaela Horst, Deutsche Bahn

3D Durchblick at DB Netz AG

The Challenge

Analysis of the status quo & identification of the use case

VISCOPIC applied to the mindbox accelerator of Deutsche Bahn with the idea of developing a communication tool to counteract demographic change and the associated problem of knowledge transfer. In cooperation with the technical qualification of DB Netz AG, workshops with department heads, trainers and training participants were carried out and technicians were accompanied in the field to analyze processes and to identify the application.

Identification of optimization potential & development of action plan

Based on the data generated in the first phase, 10 areas with optimization potential could be identified in the processes. We prioritized a total of 118 pain points together with DB Netz. Ultimately, the area of demographic change was chosen. The big challenge here was that more and more DB experts are retiring and the knowledge has to be transferred to the new employees. Another challenge was that it is currently difficult to train new employees on real systems, since the train has a lot of different systems in the field and only a limited number of real training systems.

The Solution

Development of prototype

Together with DB, we have virtually mapped part of the company’s infrastructure to bring a training model into the classroom and thus convey content to new employees and career changers digitally, using augmented reality. This way we improve the training quality, the security of action and the interaction between theory and practice. 3D representations of switches are projected into virtual space using augmented reality (AR) glasses. The realistic holograms can be rotated in all directions, functional processes can be triggered and displayed as animations with just a fingertip on virtual buttons. In this way, the assembly of point locks or the elimination of point faults is trained in a technically sound manner without great effort for the employees. Graphically prepared step-by-step instructions enable repairs in real time. The positive effect for rail customers: turnouts are cleared faster and rail operations run more reliably.

Implementation of scalable software solution

The virtual content can be played on AR glasses such as Microsoft Hololens as well as on tablets. 3D Durchblick was rolled out in 8 DB Netz training centers where it runs on the HoloLens. The 8000 technicians can also use the application on their Android tablets outside of training hours. The project was successfully rolled out so that 3D Durchblick is an integral part of the DB Netz AG qualification landscape. Together we continuously integrate new content in the app.

Technology applied

Augmented Reality

3D Visualization

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